Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dreams N' Schemes (The Surround)

I rarely take anything from my dreams if at all, but there is one in particular that really made me think. It began with me in a forest that was paved like a street. I followed the street until I reached a merry-go-round. The creepy thing about the ride was that all of the horses had googly eyes (you know, the kind that are glued to Pet Rocks?). A red-headed girl clung to me saying she was afraid and suddenly I was transported to a Chinese buffet I was currently working at during the time.

They told me to clean up some moldy dog poop and I did (though reluctantly). I finally left the building only to wind up back into the forest. The girl clung to me again and we walked slowly out of the forest into a desert. While we were walking, our lives fast-forwarded until we were both 80 years old and married. The desert we walked into had large awkward statues that loomed over us for miles. When we reached the horizon a witch (yes, she looked just liked the Wicked Witch of the West on a broom) swooped down with a 3-pronged gardening tool. She went ahead and ripped my wife's head in pieces (specifically the back of her head). I was standing there watching in horror while getting blood on my person. After the horrendous scene ended, I looked down and in my hands I was holding the tool used to murder my wife.

Anywho, this dream has always disturbed me though also comforted me in a strange, unexplainable way. It has to be the most visually graphic dream I've ever had. The most visually memorable moment I have ever had during my conscious existence is basically a collection of moments from Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. All in one day I saw the view of the whole park from violent, jarring directions on a rollercoaster as well as wolves for the first time in their zoo habitat. I love wolves by the way. I also remember going into this cafeteria that had an old German environment, complete with visuals, and they had a live band play celebratory music for Oktoberfest. Even though this scene was the least "amazing" it still had an impact on me as creepy and unfamiliar. There was no Nazi reference in the entire building, but I had this aching fear the Gestapo was going to get me any second during my over-priced amusement park lunch.

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