Sunday, September 12, 2010


To All On The Internet,

I have no idea if anyone reads blog, but they are in for a treat. I plan to link this blog to my very first website. I want to include everything that I find interesting in art and I guess just type up little ideas about them. I am also doing some class assignments, but they go along the same lines.

To give you an idea about what inspires me, let's talk about what is on my desk right now. The second season of Columbo (an amazing mystery/thriller series about a wily detective who stops untouchable rich people from getting away with murder), The Wolfman (2009 remake of the classic horror film), the first season of Dragonball Z (an anime that follows an alien's life and how he fights to protect Earth), and the first season of Peewee's Playhouse (one of the most creative children's shows ever). As you can see, I am interested in a variety of things and I take ideas from numerous sources.

Thank you for anyone who reads this blog and I shall keep posting! So hold on tight!

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